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Architectural Conservation

By Divya. B

Conservation is the process of preserving a building with original character along with its footprints. The buildings to be conserved are selected based on its original state, site and their significance Architectural conservation deals with the issue of prolonging the life and integrity of architectural character and integrity, such as form, style, and its constituent materials , such as stone, brick, glass, metal and wood.

Arch Student

Architecture as a Career

by Gayathri Vasu

All over the country. board exams have been concluded and it’ll soon be the time where students and parents line up outside colleges and universities for applications, counselling, and admissions. While in our country engineering and medicine are the most sought after fields, here’s why architecture is one of the most promising and build able courses that ever existed.

We shape homes, thereby, our homes shape us

by Mahasakthi. S

The range of interest in people for residential design and home decors has increased drastically in the past decade. People, with their new-found knowledge on the subject have developed specific tastes leaning towards their unique personalities. This has developed a user-centric market which has been utilized well by architects worldwide.

We are introducing Thapovan !

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