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We shape homes, thereby, our homes shape us

by Mahasakthi. S
Architects in Chennai

The range of interest in people for residential design and home decors has increased drastically in the past decade. People, with their new-found knowledge on the subject have developed specific tastes leaning towards their unique personalities. This has developed a user-centric market which has been utilized well by architects worldwide.

We judge the success of the buildings and places we design by how people utilize them – the clients or the people who inhabit them. Good design is not only about helping the clients meet their needs and objectives but also to create a haven while bringing in the desired ambience. It is also about the way people feel when they experience it – homes bring about a sense of belonging and connection that lasts a lifetime. Given the time that we spend in our houses, we deserve to enjoy them. Despite being made of bricks and cement, homes are basically a hub for happiness, bonding and peace.

Contemporary homes are the emerging trend in residence designs. Clean lines with minimal embellishments and muted colours with modern furnishings are the latest in a long line of styles that have been adopted through the ages. Building a house is a life event for most people. They dream about it from the time they start earning. While being in important social status symbol, it is also a tangible projection of our family’s personality as a collective whole. Modern building technologies and cost efficient methodologies have made the realization of this dream all the more simple and achievable for people of all social strata. While being fresh, contemporary houses also are frugal when it comes to building costs.

A collaborative working atmosphere between the Architect and the client brings out a profound outcome in any design. The increasingly complex projects undertaken in today’s world often demands a culture built on collaboration, creativity and innovation in thinking and delivery of design. To have a balance of aesthetics and function in a given project it is essential to nurture and develop every detail of the project until it complements and enhance the whole. The architect is responsible for sticking to the client’s guidelines and producing the desired design – well thought out from brick to facade.

Design is a language that is used for the conversation between the user and building. A good home speaks to us, nourishes the environment and travels the time with us. A good design has the ability to impact our social life comprehending our livelihood and influencing our quality of life. It is where we spend our lives – our happiness, our sorrows. Design, knowingly or unknowingly becomes an essential part of our lives. The one question that every architect is to ask themselves is: “Has the design brought in a virtual impact on the user and would it stand the time?” Only when its answer is completely satisfied, should the home be built.


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